NIKFI - Cinema and Photo Research Institute - carries out scientific research focused in stereoscopic and holographic technologies, in the field of electro-accoustics, quality and comfort of the moving picture perception.

NIKFI was established by the decision of SNK USSR of 10 August 1929 and the CEC of the USSR of November 11, 1929. 

Since the beginning of 1950 NIKFI are placed in a complex of buildings, the main one of which was designed by a famous architect  M.V. Posokhin in the late forties. This building, erected specially for NIKFI, with a several cinema halls, acoustic chamber and laboratories adapted for large-scale research allowed to bring the research to a new highest level.

For merits in the development of Soviet cinetechnics Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on 12 July 1979 awarded NIKFI the Order of Red Banner of Labor.

In 1991 The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded NIKFI the Oscar in Technical Achievement Award nomination - for continuously improving and providing 3-D presentation to Soviet motion picture audiences for the last 25 years. It's a unique event in the history of Russia.

In 2015 NIKFI merged with Gorky Film Studio.